Tickets (Price per person)


This Ticket is valid for Saturday (incl. Pool-Party), Sunday and Monday.


Advance Booking: 78,00 EUR until 23rd May 2017

Regular (on the door) price: 85,00 EUR


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This Ticket is valid for the Pre-Party (Friday), Saturday (incl. Pool-Party), Sunday and Monday.


Advance Booking: 88,00 EUR until 23rd May 2017

Regular (on the door) price: 95,00 EUR


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Walldorf Weekender Gift card

This is a wonderful present with style: We have designed and printed a Gift card for our Walldorf Weekender.


The layout is adapted to the 18th Walldorf Weekender design and will be a beautiful memory



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Special Events

Seastage (AQWApark)


Pool-Party (Leonardo Hotel)

The admission is free for Guests with Weekender-Wristbands. 

Important Information

  • Day Tickets for Saturday, Sunday and / or Monday are available from xx.xx.2017, or on the door.
  • The pool party is a special event for the participants of our weekender. Accordingly, all holders of a weekend wristband may attend the pool party. Individual tickets for the pool party only are not available.
  • Children under 10 years have free entry. Children age 10-16 years old pay half the applicable ticket price.
  • You can still order online tickets from our web page (at the non-discount cost). You will receive an invoice confirming your booking within a working week. Please make sure everyone in your party knows the reference number. At reception when booking in please quote your reference number in order to have your weekender wrist band issued.
  • You must wear your wrist bands at all times and present it to staff when requested. You are responsible for wristband we cannot replace lost wristbands, if you lose your wristband you cannot enter the venue.
  • All tickets must be paid for in full.  
  • No tickets will be kept on the door without advance payment. 
  • Payment options: You can pay using the following methods: bank transfer, credit card, Paypal, or in person at our office (Location: Rockin' Rollin' Products, Daimlerstraße 13, 69234 Dielheim).
  • In the event of cancellations before 12th May 2017 a refund of monies paid will be made minus € 10.00 administrative expenses.
  • Any cancellations made after 12th May 2017. A refund of monies paid will be made minus € 20.00 administrative expenses.
  • After 19th May 2017 in the event of cancellation we can no longer refund any money. 

Wristbands are available from the following locations: 

Friday pre-party from 20.00h at the Astoria-Hall reception desk.

Saturday at the Leonardo Hotel pool party between 10.00-13.30h.

Saturdays from 16.00 h at the Astoria-Hall reception desk.


You will need your Weekender wristband for the pre-party Friday evening. Wristbands for the festival on Saturday, Sunday or Monday are available from the Leonardo Hotel (Saturday 11.00-14.30) and the Astoria-Hall reception desk.


PLEASE NOTE, you must personally collect your own weekender wristband, friends or family cannot collect the wristband. The band must be placed on the wrist by our staff at the reception (there are no exceptions to this rule). 


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