How to arrive at the venue

By Car

Schwetzingerstraße 91, 69190 Walldorf, Germany

We are in Southwest Germany between Mannheim and Heilbronn (A6) and Karlsruhe and Frankfurt (A5), near the  highway triangle A5 & A6. 

By Train

Deutsche Bahn online. You can find all the information for coming by train.

The name of the Railway Station is Astoria-Halle Walldorf 

By Plane

Frankfurt-Hahn bei Koblenz, about 200 km north-east, near the A61. 

There are a lot of cheap flights from Rynair available from the big citys in europe. With the Shuttle-Bus from the airport Hahn you arrive at the main station in Heidelberg for about 20 € per journey and person.


Airport Frankfurt, about 90 km north, near the A5. 

From the airport Frankfurt you can go on by train (Airport Frankfurt - Main Station Frankfurt - Railway Station Wiesloch-Walldorf (Baden)). Take a look at "by Train".


Other Airports:

Airport Baden-Baden, about 80 km south, near Karlsruhe, near the A5

Flughafen Stuttgart, ca. 100 km süd-ost, an der A8

Flughafen Bonn-Köln, ca. 270 km nord-nord-west, an der A3



German Wings 

Easy Jet 

Attention: We are NOT near Frankfurt (Mörfelden-Walldorf), but 80 km south, near Heidelberg and Hockenheim. 

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