Sunday 20th May 2018

Los Terribles De Tijuana(ITA) - at the Seastage

The Best Mariachi party east of Rio Grande.

The Walldorf public natural lake becomes the Rio Grande when these five Italians enter the floating stage. Los Terribles de Tijuana present, beside sentimental-longing Mariachi sounds, authentic Rockabilly and Country. All this in vintage, traditional Mexican mariachi clothing and with two guitars, doublebass, accordion and the obligatory trumpet. Served with a lot of heart.

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Johnny Horsepower (DEN)

Boom Chicka Boom with a lot of Horsepower.

Johnny Horsepower is one of the best and most stylish Johnny Cash tribute bands in Europe. They celebrate the original sound of the Man in Black and his The Tennessee Two. The all-dressed-in-black men were allowed to record their debut album ("The Band In Black") in the SUN studio in Memphis with Cash's longtime drummer WS, Fluke 'Holland.

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Hanks Jalopy Demons (AUS)

Red Hot Rockin’ Aussiebilly!

Another band from Down Under is making their Walldorf debut. The musicians of the HJD are known by Benny and the Fly-by-Niters, as well as from the studio bands of Kieron McDonald and Scotty Baker. The singer and songwriter is Hank Ferguson, who has been to various bands for more than two decades.

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Ringtones (FRA)

These French Hepcats know how to Rock!

The whiz-leavers from France play rock'n'roll and rockabilly in the style of Carl Perkins and Eddie Cochran. In addition to many of their own songs, they also pay tribute to the underdogs of the genre such as Charlie Feathers, Buck Griffin or Art Adams. With Tom de Sousa, an Englishman growing up in the USA, they have found a fantastic singer and songwriter.

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Texabilly Rockets (POR)

Wild Rockabilly Bop Legends from Portugal  

For 25 years one of the best rockabilly bands in Europe. If you like wild Rockabilly Bop, this is the place for you. Founded in March 1993 in Lisbon as Texabilly Rockers, the Portuguese soon toured throughout Europe. Since 2004 as Texabilly Rockets on the road, you have released 10 albums (Vinyl & CD) and traveled to many european countries. The rest is history.

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Crystalairs (GER)

Götz Alsmann: "Nobody sounds like the Crystalairs".

For 30 years now they are on the road in terms of harmony singing, since a few years back again in their original lineup. The teenagers of yore have become seasoned lords. However, it is still possible for them to get a whole hall to sing along without explicitly demanding it. For the 7th time, this time presenting their brand new album: "Big Boys - Still Singing".

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Hard Rollin' Daddies (NOR)

Hard rollin Rockabilly from the Land of the Midnight Sun!

Three veterans of the Norwegian Rock'n'Roll scene (Teencats, Built For Speed, Daltons) joined forces in 2010 as backing band for Pep Torres. Anders Westhagen (guitar), Frank Reiten (contrabass), Ole Evensen (drums) play 50ies rock'n'roll and rockabilly with 3 voices and a touch of country and rhythm'n'blues.

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