Saturday 19th May 2018

William T. And The Black 50's (ITA) - auf der Pool-Party

Self-experiences and true life stories

The South Tyrolean Rock‘n’Roller is on tour promoting his new album "Rock 'n' Roll ... Baby!!!”

Front man William Teller was in 1993 originally a solo artist, however he has toured since 2004 with his band "William T & the Black 50s"


They naturally perform in their home area Tyrol, as well as performing at numerous European Rock'n'Roll and Rockabilly Festivals, in France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy.

As always by his side is his guitarist Roland Novak, who collaborates on song writing with William, and the quartet is made complete with double bass and drums


Because "William T & The Black 50s" have toured greatly in the last few years, little free time was available for recording, however they finalized this album during August 2017 at the ‘Bucket Hill Studio’ in South Tyrol. 


The 13 songs are original compositions from the pen of William and Roland, and are based upon self-experiences and true life stories. The cover sleeve was designed by Carmen Bregant (Bregant Artworks, Tyrol), who also made the artwork for the previous album "Shake It Baby".

Rhythm Torpedoes (GER)

Minimalist, dirty and wild sound

The central Germany based quintet have been around since 2011, and have become known for making a minimalist, dirty and wild sound. Their songs combine classic Rockabilly and Country elements and infuse this with Punk influences, creating their own unique style.


With crazy guitar riffs, attributing drum and bass lines as well as vocalist Arne Runzheimer unmistakable, bass-heavy voice, they offer songs laced with pure adrenaline for their audiences; wherever they appear they go wild and drive the crowd crazy.


In April, 2018, prior to returning to Germany the gentlemen are on tour in the US, and will perform their shows in, California, Nevada (Viva Las Vegas) and Arizona.


During the Whitsun holiday weekend they will present their second album "Let's Get High" (Wild Records, California) and a brand new vinyl single also titled "Let’s Get High” will be released at Walldorf.

Luiz Fireball & The Good Lookin' Boys (BRA)

Be there or be square!

The crazy cats from Curitiba (Brazil) are back!

Luiz Fireball and The Good Looking Boys (who do not look as good as the name suggests) rock our stage with their red hot Rockabilly in a most pure and wild way.


The boys opted for the Walldorf Rock'n'Roll Weekender to present their new vinyl EP "All That Crazy Rhythm" (Rhythm Bomb Records) to the rockabilly world for the first time.


They travel halfway around the world and inform us that “there is no better place to do that!”

Woah, what an honour!

Little Lesley & The Bloodshots (USA)

This Little Girl's Gone Rockin'!

Little Lesley & the Bloodshots have made big waves and many new friends in Europe with their authentic rockabilly twang and high energy live show.


Lesley is the daughter of a farmer and is from the New York, Redlands area. Lesley writes her own songs, and on stage she sings and slaps the double bass, as if she was born for nothing else.

From the bands beginning, ex-cowboy and Punk Rock‘n’Roll veteran Brian "Swifty" Swift guitar-driven twangy sound guitar accompanied Leslie; and Bobby Lee from New York’s Staten Island completed the trio. And his big-band-influenced drumming lifted their guitar-driven twangy sound onto a whole new level. This gave birth to the Bloodshots!


The bands  dedicated appearances along with the Lesley’s most breathtaking bass playing made her and the band well known in the rockabilly world, for example they have performed at: Viva Las Vegas, Nashville Boogie and the Summer Jamboree in Senigallia (IT).


The band have recorded previously two Vinyl Eps for the UK based Western star label, and the company boss Alan Wilson (The Sharks) in the fall of 2017 recorded their new album which is available from February 2018 titled "Heartbeat".

More Videos:

>>At the Summer Jamboree

Western Spaghetti (ITA)

A beautiful exotic Rock'n'Roll and Western gem!

The Venetian Luky Linetti as a solo singer, equipped with only his voice and his washboard, pays homage to his rock'n'roll-singing ancestors such as Adriano Celentano, and Bobby Solo, and creates a delightfully charming treatise (variation) on Rockabilly, Country and Western Swing music in his native Italian language.


The aim of the Western Spaghetti, which features Luky and band leader Luca Bugno (I Belli Di Waikiki, Los Terribles De Tijuana) has only one goal: to combine his roots in Rockabilly, Country and Western Swing with the Italian songs of the swing era, using both original and classics songs, of course sung exclusively in Italian. This worked so well, but works even better with the new, even more jazz oriented guitarist

Francesco Sassanelli joining the band, and you can almost forgive the band that their first album was released seven years ago.


The band say "After exploring the 50's sound of America, the sweet melodies of Hawaii and the great tunes of Mexico we came back and realized that our own country is a cowboy boot!"


In 2018 PART RECORDS promotes our little ‘exotic jewel’ and our hot Italian musicians and these amazing and crazy four gentlemen will give us an amusing evening and unforgettable show.

You can hear this in Walldorf, and also in advance from the entertaining video links below!

Ray Collins Hot Club (GER)

Jumpin' RnB, Hot Swing and cool Jive.

The hottest Band around

There is so much you can say about Ray Collins and His Hot Club!

The band serve up an absolutely perfect danceable mixture of 1940s Swing, 1950s Jump Blues, Jive and Rock'n'Roll with both visual authenticity and ecstatic energy, to say it is “played perfectly” is an understatement. No matter what they do the German Combo always maintain their own style and under their respective hats they compose many of their songs.


However ever band has a beginning, first they were the Pyromanix, and then came the side project the incendiary

Ali Gator & His Reptile Rockers, the demonic distortion rockers from Hell.

Eventually in the year 2000 emerged Ray Collins Hot Club, the first album in 2001 "Shaking That Boogie" (Vinyl Japan) was a hit and they were quickly booked for their first appearance at the Rhythm Riot, UK. 

From then on, the Hot Club have played on many continents, they have been invited to headline at many major festivals, and worked on feature films, musically and as actors (Barfuß, Til Schweiger, 2005, Honey in Pot, 2014).

During 2017 album number eight "Cutting Out" was issued on the in-house label "Brisk Records".


Have you ever watched the teenagers in the 1950s films when the youngsters begin to tingle and push to the stage and feverishly awaits the moment, when the curtain rises and the band appears? It is now 2018 and you can experience that feeling! As the curtain rises and brass section recreates that exhilarating feeling from the first rasp of the instruments, and they instantly win the audience, who enthusiastically clap to the first notes!

Ray Collins Hot Club are a band that sets a concert hall on fire with only the first bars of its brass section, they are nine guys together giving everything.

Ray Collins Hot Club, raise the temperature and it is indeed a hot show, thankfully the Astoria Hall is purpose built for events and has a full air conditioning system.


The video clips have up to 200,000 clicks on YouTube. We've picked out a few special, less-viewed, and brand-new clips. The YouTube channel of Ray Collins Hot Club is highly recommended.

John Lindberg Trio (SWE)

More than 1500 gigs played

At the tender age of 13, John Lindberg with his guitar in his hand began to play rockabilly. Very soon he was joined by bassist Martin Engström and drummer Jocke Dunker, and performed as the John Lindberg Rockabilly Trio. Today this powerhouse trio is one of Sweden's most hardworking bands and most successful Rock'n'Roll bands.


The Swedish trio eventually shortened their name to the

John Lindberg Trio and have journeyed a terrific road to success. In 2006, the self-titled "John Lindberg Rockabilly Trio" debut album (Enviken Records) appeared and the band toured as an opener with American alternative rock band the Refreshments. 


Their third album "Brand New Philosophy" (Cosmos Records) climbed to the number 1 position in the Swedish album charts in 2009. The two following albums gained the third position, in total they have four albums that made the top five in the Swedish album charts.


From their developing fame and fan base many TV appearances followed, stadium concerts and they have more than 1500 gigs played and over 20 million streams on Spotify, during a concert in 2016 they performed to over 100,000 people.


You know why we have them in Walldorf, they rock the house with gusto and energy.

The information published here is the planned and posted data. The organizer nevertheless expressly reserves the right to make changes in the line-up, program and at the indicated times.

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