Friday 18th May 2018, 8pm

Cat Lee King And His Cocks (GER)

Lively, hard hitting, Rock'n'Roll, Rhythm'n'Blues and Jump'n'Jive

Young, authentic and extremely gifted, is how to describe "Cat Lee King and His Cocks" who are from Bonn, Germany.


Cat Lee King had already established his name within the Rock'n'Roll, Swing and Boogie scene with several bands; "Boom Boom and the Mancini", "Grits'n Gravy" the "Tilmann Schneider Swing Terzett" and "Ray Collins Hot Club".

However during 2015 he formed his own band, the Cocks.

Cat Lee King get a sure fire support from his Cocks, and the young band who are on average age in their twenties comprise; Tommy J. Croole (lead guitar), Sidney Ramone (rhythm guitar), Lucky Luciano (double bass) and The Dude (drums).


Cat Lee Kings’ breath-taking voice, lightning fingers on the keyboard, charismatic personality and his swaying rhythmic soulful performance can bring the darkest blues to life with tremendous intensity, and in the next moment he sweeps up the crowd with Swinging Boogie or wild, hell raising Rock'n'Roll.


The bands show features well-known and obscure songs from the; Blues, Jazz, Jump Jive and Rock'n'Roll fields, and exciting original compositions.

On stage the cover songs are performed with authenticity, and are fresh compositions that intertwine nostalgic flair and youthful energy. 

With their youthful good looks, and a varied set, anyone who likes old school Rhythm‘n’Blues and Rock‘n’Roll has to witness this band live on stage.

Paul Ansell's Number Nine (GBR)

This charismatic voice is not Elvis, it is not Charlie Rich, it is that of Paul Ansell!

It is no understatement to say that Paul Ansell is an exceptional singer and an authentic figurehead of his genre for decades.

His musical development began with the Blue Rhythm Boys (featuring Jim A. Carlisle, Ashley Kingman, Jeff Tuck and Matthew Jackson, among others) the music was still rough and unpolished, but ground breaking and fresh.


To date Paul Ansell's Number Nine have twelve albums to their credit, have headlined at festivals on all continents, and have recorded in the legendary

Sun Studio, with no less than Scotty Moore (Elvis' guitarist), who was also his best man.


Paul has furthermore performed with masters in the music field such as: Bob Moore, Billy Swan, Mac Curtis, Young Jesse, Robert Gordon and Billy Lee Riley, all of whom appreciate his professional collaboration and the exceptional voice of Paul Ansell.

His compositions "Jump In" and "Walking Back To My Baby's Arms" can be heard in the movie soundtrack "Mr. Morgan's Last Love" (a movie with Michael Caine, Clémence Poésy and Gillian Anderson).


Paul is very versatile and musically at home in; Rock'n'Roll, Blues and Country Music genres. Blessed with a delirious voice, using stylish arrangements which are tailored to him, his show is a true pleasure.


The master of variety is not only an Artist, but also a songwriter at the highest level. His self-composed pieces emit a unique magic that is unmistakable and overwhelming.

Delta Bombers (USA)

Gabardine, Denim or Mohawk

The Delta Bombers rock across the scene, filling theaters around the world since 2008 and have no plans to stop.

They return by popular demand for a second appearance in Walldorf, the first being in 2016.


The aim of the band was to create music that enthuses people whether they wear ‘Gabardine, Denim or have Mohawks’.


The Delta Bombers tours find them appearing in big cities and the most remote places in the world, they travel light, and carry four studio albums, and one live album as their luggage.

Driven by a mix of fifties Rock'n'Roll, blended with Blues and the heavier elements of Rockabilly, the haunting, powerful voice of Chris Moinichen keep the songs fresh and vibrant.

What began as a childhood dream has blossomed into the worldwide Rock'n'Roll adventure tour that should not be missed. 

The information published here is the planned and posted data. The organizer nevertheless expressly reserves the right to make changes in the line-up, program and at the indicated times.

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