Is there a timetable

Following soon


Does the price apply to the entire weekender?

Information >>here!


How does Pentecost fall in the next few years?


31.05 - 02.June.2020





Where can I get my tickets?

1) You can buy the tickets from 10 November 2017 in our online shop.

We will send the invoice by e-mail and in parallel the booking confirmation.

2) The bill can be paid by bank transfer, credit card or Paypal.

3) On the booking confirmation is the booking number - this you need on arrival on the reception


At the reception you show your booking confirmation - and get your wristband.

Please give the complete names and addresses of your fellow travelers, so that it goes fast at the entrance.


Discounts / Discounted tickets:

Wheelchair users with escort receive 50% discount on the companion's ticket (Weekender or Weekender XXL) in advance sale.


Will I receive a confirmation when my payment has arrived?

No. But we will contact you, if the payment for your account has NOT arrived.


Where can I stay for the night? Are there hotels and a campsite nearby?

YES. The hotels with which we work directly and well together can be found >>here!



Can I take food and drinks to the Astoria Hall?

No. Our location has plenty of counters around indoor and outdoor areas and its own catering area with all kinds of food and drinks, sweets and coffee. No drinks or food may be brought to the premises.


Is it allowed to camp / camp / stay in the parking lot of the Astoria-Halle?

Unfortunately, no. The parking lot is also used by visitors of the spa park, schools and the other surrounding facilities. Camping or Staying overnight on the parking lot is not allowed.


Are there any tickets at the box office?

If there are still tickets, yes.


I do not know if I can come. Can I reserve tickets?

Sorry, no


Can I also deposit the tickets at the box office and then pick them up?

If the tickets are paid: Yes.

If she does not pay: No.



Are there also day tickets?

Yes, from 16th. March 2018.


Can I visit the market / exhibitors without a ticket?

We have a few hours in the afternoon where you can access all areas without a ticket, including the market. Usually Sunday and Monday from noon to 4pm. For exact details please read the timetable.


Can I get the tickets by mail?

There are no hard tickets. Invoices and booking confirmations will be sent by e-mail.


Is there a wardrobe:



Is there a childcare on site?

Unfortunately, no. For children, however, much is offered nearby, e.g. in the neighboring baths park, or in the small zoo next door.

Is a good sound and lighting system in the hall?

As every year, we will use a very good sound and lighting system especially ordered for our event and work with good sound people (from our scene). With exactly the same team as in the last years.


Will it be loud?

We hold a rock'n'roll concert, not a flute rehearsal. The further forward, the louder. Earplugs are available for free at the entrance. But it is true: good music does not have to hurt in your ears!


Can I return purchased tickets?

For cancellations until April 27, 2018, a refund minus € 10 administrative expenses will be made.

For cancellations until May 04, 2018, a refund will be made minus € 20 administrative expenses.

After 04. May 2018 cancellations are no longer possible.


Can you smoke on the venue?

The legal smoking ban applies. Smoking is not allowed in the building. Smoking is permitted in the smoking areas on the open spaces. 


Is there a shuttle bus to the airport?

YES. However, we need your data / registration on time. From Frankfurt (FRA) and Frankfurt-Hahn (HHN) there are also regular public shuttles to us (HBF Heidelberg)


Can I visit the weekender as a wheelchair user?



Is there a dress code?

No. Anyone who wants to attend a great music event and bring a good mood is welcome. It's about the music, not a dress code.


Can I make a video clip or take photographs?

There is no general restriction for private recordings. Artists can insist that no recordings be made, we ask you to respect this and pay attention. Otherwise, the generally applicable rules and regulations (photo right, copyright etc) apply. Photographers / filmmakers who work commercially (in whole or in part) or evaluate their recordings in any way commercially, require a photo permission / accreditation, which is up to 14 days from the beginning of the event to ask.


Dogs at the Weekender:

Unfortunately, you can not take your dogs or cats with you to the event facility / area - also to protect them. There is, if you have dogs, a dog park nearby.

How are the flea market rules? / Does it cost anything?

Each participant of the weekender (wristband) is allowed to set up a sales booth at the flea market. Here are the details:

- You have a 3x 3m (approx.. 10x10”) stall space free

- You don’t have to sign up / register

- Please bring your own tables, pavilion, etc.

- Saturday, 19 May, 9am – 1pm

- Forbidden Products: new and "burned" or "copied" media (DVD, CD, etc.) Everything

that can be considered racist or weapon, everything illegal, food and drinks.

The landlord (Leonardo Hotel) has the house right and makes the final decisions.


Vendors who are NOT participating in the Weekender (no wristband) are allowed to build a 3x3m (approx. 10x10”) stand for 35 € and receive a wristband (for one person) for Saturday.


What else can you do in Walldorf / surroundings?

Depending on your interest, there are many attractions / options for a small holiday:


In Walldorf:

- www.tierpark-walldorf.com

- www.aqwa-walldorf.de

- http://diekartbahn.de

- www.session.de/filialen/walldorf


Close To Walldorf (5-10km):

- Golf Club St. Leon-Rot  www.gc-slr.de

- www.hockenheimring.de

- www.museum-autovision.de


A little further (10-20km):

- The city of Heidelberg is always worth a visit.

- The Auto and Technik Museum Sinsheim

- The Technik Museum Speyer

- www.turmuhrenmuseum-neulussheim.de

- www.dmm-bruchsal.de/Musikautomaten-Museum-Sch.49.0.html


Deutsches Musikautomaten Museum: With its approximately 500 exhibits, the Music Museum explains the history of mechanical musical instruments from the earliest cuckoo clocks to accordions, drums and harpsichords. Some instruments enjoy legendary reputation, such as the organ built for theTitanic.



Two millennia of wine history are traced in the museum. In the tower room is the Roman wine, a Roman bottle with the oldest wine in the world (3rd century AD).




This church bears witness to late Gothic architecture. 


Castle of Heidelberg



The world famous castle houses the Pharmacy Museum, and the Great Barrel, a giant barrel, capacity: 221 726 liters.


Kurpfälzisches Museum




Castle of Schwetzingen




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