50s Markt

As with every year we have many great local dealers who sell at the festival. They offer hand made products and special labels, designs, and accessories made from leather, cloth, metal and wood. The assortment of goods range from Double Basses, records, CDs, shoes, clothing and also include individual, unique or made in small quantities items. You can also at the market; look at the art exhibition, be tattooed, have your hair styled for the evening, take a relaxing drink at the Tiki Bar, or sampler food and drink from the vendors. 

Market opening times:

Saturday, 19th May 2018, 4pm - 11 midnight

Sunday, 20th May 2018, 12 noon - 11 midnight

Monday, 21st May 2018, 12 noon - 6pm

Sunday & Monday until 4pm free admission!

List of vendors:

Andy's Body Electric  www.andysbodyelectric.de
Audrey's 50's Art & Stuff www.facebook.com/Audreyartandstuff
Cherrymuffin Studios www.cherrymuffin-studios.com
Classic Custom Signs www.classic-custom-signs.de
CoolCoconuts www.coolcoconuts.org
Duke Double Bass www.duke-bass.de
Flaming Star www.flamingstar.eu
Jazzafine www.jazzafine.de
KP Graphic www.kpgraphic.com
Kleinkariert www.kleinkariert-shop.de
Kurvenglück www.kurvenglueck.com
Laura Bakker www.laurabakker-fashion.com
Mad Rooster www.mad-rooster.com
Mika Oh! www.mika-oh.com
Miss Lovett www.misslovett.com
Miss Mint www.miss-mint.de
Mosaik Massaker www.facebook.com/Mosaikmassaker
O'Donnell Moonshine www.odonnell.de
Rock Cat Roll www.rockcatroll.com
Rockin' Rollin' Products www.rockabillyshop.de
Rolling Barber www.rolling-barber.de
Rumble 59 www.rockabilly-rules.com
Schönwetterfront www.schoenwetterfront.de
Stern Freihand Veredelung www..markus-stern.de
Suicide Glam www.suicideglam.com
Tigercherry www.tigercherry.de
Vecona Vintage www.vecona-vintage.com
Vintage Flaneur www.vintage-flaneur.de
Wunder Same Vintage  

Rockin' Rollin' Products

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