Sunday 20th May & Monday 21st May 2018

The AQWA PARK/ Lake Stage is located directly opposite the Astoria-Halle, a forest surrounds the lake and the 100 square meter stage floats on the lake.

Within this picturesque open-air setting you have the opportunity to; relax, take a swim, eat, drink and enjoy the wonderful acoustic sounds. 


Here you can enjoy on Sunday, “Los Terribles De Tijuana" and on Monday "The Hard Rollin' Daddies" also with rockin’ music from weekender Dee Jays’.


Los Terribles De Tijuana (ITA)

Hard Rollin' Daddies (NOR)

The information published here is the planned and posted data. The organizer nevertheless expressly reserves the right to make changes in the line-up, program and at the indicated times.

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