This are our rockin' DJs in 2017:

DJ Heidi (Bielefeld, GER)

This rockin’ lady was here right from the start and she knows like no other how to fill a dance floor. She is the Miss jump & jive, but she also knows how to bop and to stroll very well. This lady is a guarantee for great, danceable music and full floors.


Heidis’ Top 3 for Walldorf:

Love Locks - Nappy Brown

My Babe - Little Walter

The Pied Piper - Billy Williams


DJ Mark Armstrong (Newcastle, GBR - Baden-Baden, GER)

The blond bomber from the north of England is a Rock'n'Roll and Walldorf veteran from the first hour. He is active as dj since over three decades and rocks the house. Always!


Marks’ Top 3 for Walldorf:

Wade Ray - Cattin' Around

Nancy Holloway - Rock the Bop

The Ventures - Sauerkraut


DJ Lucky Shooter (Frankfurt, GER)

The co-founder of the Frankfurt Wildcat Night and label boss of Witchcraft International is one of the most popular djs in Europe. his recipe of success is a varied mix of finest boppers, jivers and strollers. vinyl rocks!




Luckys’ Top 3 for Walldorf:

Shaun Young - Wiggle Walk

Rex – Mellow down easy

Ralph – I’ve got it

DJ JayCee (Paris, FRA)

If he’s not djing, the gentleman from Paris can always be found on the dance floor where the ladies are lining up to grab a spot on his dance card. Additionally Jean-Christophe is an author of swing and rhythm’n’blues books and it also happens that he’s giving dance classes.


JayCees‘ Top 3 für Walldorf:

The Spaniels - People will say we're in love

Jay Swan - You don't love me

Moon Mullican - I'm Mad At You

DJ Spy (Mannheim, GER)

DJ Spy - working more than 16 years worldwide as a dj, he has his own weekly podcast, the "Voodoo Lounge", and does the presentation on our main stage.


Spys’ Top 3 for Walldorf:

Rhythm Reactorz - Run away

Johnny Nash – I’m moving on

Big Sandy & his Fly-Rite Boys – Every Time


DJ Rebelyell (Heidelberg, GER)

True to the motto "Rockin 'Around The Clock" Markus sets on authentic rock and roll, rockabilly, soul and doo-wop. He also has a surprise or two in music-box. Enjoy and dance.


Rebelyells‘ Top 3 für Walldorf: 

Crests - Little Miracles

Black Knights - Dancing Shoes

Charlie Rich - Midnite Blues


DJ Fred The Cat (München, GER)

Swing, jive, stroll, bop and much more, especially until the soles glow (as we say in german) - that's the motto of our bavarian dj. He is preparing his sets with much love and passion for wonderful nights full of dances.


Freds‘ Top 3 for Walldorf:

Ben Hewitt - I want a new Girl now

Ted Harris - Just thought i´d set you straight

Four Teens - Spark Plug


DJ Rockin' Rumble Heiko (Bonn, GER)

The singer of the Foggy Mountain Rockers made his debut on our weekender in 2013, came back in 2014 - and convinced. Reason enough to invite him back this year. He plays a wild mix of 50's r'n'r & rockabilly, jive & stroll but his preference for british revival rockers cannot be neglected.


Heikos’ Top 3 für Walldorf:

The Royal Flush - Moonshine Truck

Bill Skidmore - I'm Out Of My Mind 

Etta James - Seven Day Fool


The information published here is the planned and posted data. The organizer nevertheless expressly reserves the right to make changes in the line-up, program and at the indicated times.

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